Sharekhan ComTrade
Sharekhan ComTrade

Why Commodity?

Commodity futures have extended timings from 10.00am to 11.30pm (11.55 during day light saving)
Commodity futures are negatively correlated with stocks and bonds. the negative correlation is stronger over longer holding periods.
Commodity futures perform better in periods of inflation. (especially unexpected inflation), when stock and bond returns generally disappoint.
Commodities diversify the cyclical variation in stock and bond
Hedge against other Asset Class
Diversified Portfolio
Quality Assurance
Price Transparency

Benefit of Commodity Trading with Sharekhan

MARKET CREDIBILITY: Sharekhan is one of India's leading online trading portal. Sharekhan has more than 1950 share shops in 575 cities.

INTEGRATED CONVENIENT PLATFORM: Trade from a single platform in all commodities on the major recognised commodity exchanges in India along with other segments.
DEDICATED SUPPORT : Relationship manager provide online and phone support, online trading support through messenger, online risk management software and round-the-year workshops for learning.
RESEARCH REPORTS : Stay in touch with our daily research reports including fundamental and technical short term-long term positional calls & intra day calls.
A. On your own using ComTiger platform
B. On Your I-phone or Android Smartphone using our Sharemobile App
C. At local outlet
D. Centralised dealing desk at HO & regional level
E. With dedicated DialnTrade service

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